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What’s all the fuss?

Kombucha is a sparkling, fermented, all natural, probiotic beverage, that has been consumed throughout the
world for centuries. It has been part of Asian dietary cultures for more than 2000 years, where just like other
fermented foods, it's considered a cornerstone of a balanced diet.
Yogi Beer Kombucha is made with certified 100% organic tea, organic raw sugar, locally sourced spring water,
and fermented with a pure Kombucha culture - A SCOBY (symbiotic colony of beneficial bacteria and yeast).  During the
fermentation process, the culture literally feeds on the sugar, breaking it down and converting it into organic
acids with nutritional properties – resulting in a delicious, alkalising and naturally carbonated elixir, long
believed to detoxify the body and promote well-being.

What are the floaty bits?

You will often find a tiny jelly-like clone of the Kombucha ‘mother culture’ in the bottle - the magical fungus
which imparts its special qualities to the brew. This has not been added - it naturally forms at the surface area
of the drink, and is a sure sign of a healthy, active brew - typical in small artisanal, hand-crafted Kombucha.
We appreciate that this may be slightly alarming for the uninitiated, but you can rest assured that, the presence
of a mother culture is the sign of a RAW, ACTIVE and ALIVE Kombucha, rich in PROBIOTIC goodness - No
mother culture is a sign of an overly processed or pasteurised brew.

Why must Yogi Beer be stored in the fridge?

No pasteurisation and no processing also means NO STABILISERS or any other weird additives – Yogi Beer
is a living product, and will continue to ferment in the bottle. Refrigeration significantly slows this process
down, which is why Yogi Beer must be stored in the fridge. This is a good thing, as Yogi Beer tastes better
chilled. Kombucha naturally contains acetic acid – the same component found in vinegar. This is a natural
preservative, which means as long as it is stored refrigerated, it will last for up to 18 months.